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Jim Hairston

Jim Hairston photo

Jim Hairston

VP of Finance

As the Agency's Vice President of Finance, Jim Hairston oversees the financial, building, IT and data analysis functions. He has a BSBA (Accounting) from the University of Rio Grande and a master's in business from Ashland University. He is also a CPA and is HIPAA certified. Jim has extensive experience in accounting, IT, HR and business intelligence/data warehousing.

Jim started his career working as an accountant in manufacturing facilities. He owned and operated a CPA firm/Consulting Company until he eventually sold it to be at home with his family. While searching for a local company where he could utilize his skills, he found the Area Agency on Aging. He has been with the Agency for 11 years. 

How did you become interested in working with older adults?

When I was in college, my father was the President of the Board of the AAA down in southern Ohio, Rio Grande to be specific. I occasionally would help in organizing mailings for the AAA.

What do you like most about working at the Area Agency on Aging?

The Agency has a tremendous culture which promotes working as teams and collaborating between divisions. I really enjoy that kind of atmosphere. We have an outstanding team in my division and they are a pleasure to work with.

Share a mission moment.

I was working at an Agency event and at the end of the day I went to leave and there was an elderly couple sitting on the steps. They had somehow left the keys to their car at home after someone had borrowed their car. So I sat with the wife while Ken, one of our staff members, drove the husband home to get the keys. I got a chance to spend time chatting. The couple was so appreciative and actually made both Ken and I a beautiful art piece which sits in my office to this day.