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Kathy A. Daniels

Kathy A. Daniels photo
Kathy A. Daniels


Kathy A. Daniels is a representative for the Agency's foundation and corporate boards. She represents Knox County.

Kathy has more than 44 years in the telecommunications business. She started as a telephone operator and retired as a multi-state Government Relations Manager and Ohio registered lobbyist. She held several senior management positions including capital budgeting, operations, and public relations.

Kathy attended Ohio State University, University of Michigan, and has received certifications from George Washington University and Boston College. She has a bachelor's degree in corporate communications and a master's degree in project management.

Why did you join the Area Agency on Aging?

Aging with dignity is important to me and I understood that the Agency shared that objective. I wanted an opportunity to give back to the communities where I live and worked. I felt that I could share some of the business experiences I've had in both my work and with other non-profit boards.

What do you like most about your work at the Area Agency on Aging?

The Area Agency on Aging is the best non-profit I've ever been involved with as their leadership is progressive, they demonstrate a positive work environment, and they not only document but follow through with their long-term goals.