Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging

Project Lifesaver

About Project Lifesaver

The Project Lifesaver program places personalized radio transmitters (in the form of a wristband) on individuals who may be at risk of wandering away from home. These include older adults with Alzheimer's and dementia and children with Down syndrome, Autism or developmental disorders. These transmitters assist caregivers and County Sheriff’s Offices in locating those who wander.

Results of Transmitters

Transmitters have been placed on those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and children with Autism, Down syndrome or developmental disorders throughout our service area. Local emergency teams respond to calls when an individual wanders and because of the transmitter technology, on average, individuals have been found in less than 30 minutes.

Project Lifesaver County Contacts

Interested in registering for Project Lifesaver? Call one of the following:


Ashland County

Contact: Sherriff's Office - (419) 289-3911


Crawford County

Contact: Sheriff's Office - (419) 562-7906 Attn: Major Chad Filliater


Huron County

Contact: Senior Enrichment Services - (419) 668-6245 Attn: Chris, ext. 29


Knox County

Contact: Sheriff's Office - (740) 397-3333


Marion County

Contact: Sherriff's Office - (740) 382-8244, ext. 2


Morrow County

Contact: Sheriff's Office - (419) 946-4444


Richland County

Contact: Area Agency on Aging - (419) 524-4144, ext. 1357


Seneca County

Contact: Sheriff's Office - (419) 447-3456


Wyandot County

Contact: Sheriff's Office - (419) 294-2362