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Diane Ramey

Diane Ramey photo

Diane Ramey

VP of Medicaid Services

Diane Ramey, the Agency's Vice President of Medicaid Services, works with state agencies, managed care and local key stakeholders to ensure long term care services and supports are administered per expectations. After spending more than two decades in the long-term care system, Diane knows what truly drives the long-term care system and how to ensure older adults, disabled individuals and caregivers access care. She supports individual choice, independence, and dignity for those in the Area Agency's planning and service area.

Diane has successfully fostered relationships for development and implementation of new programs and services. Diane is past president of the Ohio Association of Gerontology and Educators (OAGE). She has lead and hosted statewide work groups and events. Diane has lead programs to a 90% success rating with meeting rule requirements and customer satisfaction scores. As a trained strategic planner, through American Management, and Lean mastery, through the University of Akron, she has organized retreats and training sessions that fostered change and growth.

How did you become interested in working with older adults?

From an early age I enjoyed playing dominoes with my great grandfather and had an amazing letter-writing relationship with my grandmother. Both of them lived to be over 100 years old. Older individuals have wonderful insight and have a wealth of knowledge to share with everyone.

Why did you join the Area Agency on Aging?

I desired to be part of an organization that empowers older and disabled individuals to remain independent in their community.

What do you like most about your work at the Area Agency on Aging?

Having an individual allow you to be a part of their journey.