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Adult Protective

What is Adult Protective Services?

Adult Protective Services (APS) is a social services program provided by state and local governments nationwide serving seniors who are in need of assistance. APS workers frequently serve as first responders in cases of abuse, neglect or exploitation, working closely with a wide variety of allied professionals such as physicians, nurses, paramedics, firefighters and law enforcement officers.

How APS Helps

Most seniors live independently without assistance, however, some face abuse or neglect by others and need trained professionals to advocate on their behalf. Others may simply be struggling with routine
activities and benefit from in-home support services to maintain their health and independence. APS helps by assessing each individual's unique needs, then developing a service plan to maintain his/her safety, health and independence.

What Happens When a Report is Made

  1. A concerned citizen contacts his/her local APS office to report concerns about the welfare of a senior.
  2. The details provided in the report will be screened by a trained professional to evaluate if it meets the statutory requirements for APS services in the state and/or municipality receiving the report.
  3. If the situation meets the criteria for abuse, neglect or exploitation, an APS worker will initiate face-to-face contact with the adult needing assistance.
  4. The APS worker will assess the adult's safety, need for assistance, and determine what services, if any, would be beneficial to maintain his/her well-being and independence.
  5. While APS workers help thousands of vulnerable adults every day, individuals always have the right to decline services.

APS Contact numbers in our region

  • Ashland County 419-282-5000
  • Crawford County 567-393-4729
  • Huron County 419-668-8126
  • Knox County 740-397-7177
  • Marion County 740-223-1919
  • Morrow County 419-947-9111
  • Richland County 419-774-5473
  • Seneca County 419-447-5011
  • Wyandot County 419-617-0855

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COVID Impacts

Do you know a family, friend, neighbor, or other loved one who is not able, and or may be struggling to meet their basic needs? During the COVID pandemic, there has been an increase in cases of neglect and exploitation impacting our elderly. Do you know someone who is being manipulated or taken advantage of financially? If so, please contact APS phone numbers by county.